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It was a great pleasure raising Lucky's Ole Paint on our farm.  His offspring all have his gentle personality and ease of working with.  I sold him to a farm in Lousiana where he could reach his full potential as a stallion.  I kept too many of his fillies and I could never sell his mom.  It was too much constantly making sure he did not breed the wrong mare.  I highly recommend him and will pass along the new owner's name and internet site to someone looking for a stallion to breed their mare.
The red filly below was born in March 2007.  She is a full sister to Foxy's Lucky Lady.  She is very gentle and has 4 beautifully marked stockings.  We call her Socks.  We will sell her for $700 as a weinling in the fall of 2008.

Lucky's Ole Paint

weinling filly-sister to Foxy's Lucky Lady $700
Lucky's Philly with black mare

Luck with his herd

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